Hot-dip galvanising of steel

MEISER Verzinkerei

With the commissioning of the new hot dip galvanising plant we began a new chapter in the summer of 2011.

In Oelsnitz, our second major location in Germany, another modern hot-dip galvanising plant was built and put into operation at the beginning of 2020.

The manufacturing process of our products is completed in these two plants. Hot-dip galvanising is the final but significant step in the production of our gratings and guarantees long-term corrosion protection for MEISER products without special maintenance measures.

With our galvanising plant Limbacher Verzinkerei we can complete our portfolio by offering individual galvanising.

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Site Limbach

Marius Laux
Werksleitung Verzinkerei

Tel: +49 6887 309-1923

August Mohr
Stellv. Leitung / Versand

Tel: +49 6887 309-1942


Nico Lippold

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Site Oelsnitz


Chris Warmbier
Vertriebsleitung Gitterroste

Tel: +49 37421 50-2131


MEISER Bandverzinkung

In our continuous hot-dip galvanising plant, the strip we have previously split is galvanised in a continuous process.

The galvanised strip steel is mainly used as barrel hoops, earthing straps and as starting material for the production of punched and bent parts.

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Our experts will be happy to help you - contact us!

Sascha Glässner
Vertrieb Verzinktes Stahlband

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Fax: +49 6887 309-3939

Andreas Staudt
Vertrieb Verzinktes Stahlband

Tel: +49 6887 309-1930
Fax: +49 6887 309-3939